While there’s many notions about freedom and it seems that what it means varies from person to person.  One common thread is the ability to come and to go unrestricted.  When we lose our freedom we are restricted physically by set boundaries either man-made or self-made.  Part of the reason that travel is so intriguing is that it allows for unrestricted movement and therefore an experience of that region.  It is time set apart for us to experience something new and connect with people in another locale.

Sometimes we build our own little prisons.  Limiting ourselves physically, limiting ourselves mentally.  That is why the verse, “whom the Son sets free is free indeed” John 8:36,  –  If we are changed by our faith in Jesus Christ,  we are no longer imprisoned by sin in our lives.  We are free.  We are given our spiritual self back by the power of the Holy Spirit and we have a relationship with God.  We will have times of struggle, but we will not fall, because He walks beside us and leads us.  (Psalm 23)  Wherever we may go.




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