My God and I

We walk beside quiet waters, I hear music from the gentle stream, I sense His presence.

 He gives me my mountaintop where the air is pure, the streams are crystal, all of my senses are awakened and I’m aware of His greatness.  In that moment, He prepares me for the times when I will plod down the path from the mountain, though my foot may slip on loose ground only to be caught by a rock strategically placed to break my fall.

I don’t slide injured down the mountainside but rather, cautiously, I step through the rough terrain until I reach the next place He has for me.  But I remember the times we walked on the mountaintop from where I could see the grand panorama of His plan, from where I could smell the freshness and taste the pureness of the water.  And it upholds me until my next destination and in that destination, I can be a witness that there is a mountaintop, that there is a place of rest, rejuvenation, healing and beauty.

So onward to my next season and in that season He is beside me, as He has been before, and He comforts me and gives me strength.